Coming Events

April 29, 2018 - New England Parafest - Kittery Community Center, 120 Rogers Road, Kittery, ME

Lakes Region Disclosure Support Network will be presenting an interactive lecture at 11 a.m. on Image-based Meditation Techniques used by Nikola Tesla for Expanding Consciousness & Connecting with the Source Field. The session will also include Qi Gong techniques for raising your vibrational energy and expanding your heart's magnetic field. Tickets sold at door or in advance, contact Thomas Spitalere at 978-376-2807.

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Monthly Groups and Private Meetings

Group meetings are scheduled on a monthly basis at local libraries and private residences. Contact Carolyn to hold one near you! Follow us on Facebook for regular announcements of upcoming meetings.

May 26th & 27th Saucer Symposium - KRI Center, 81 Portsmouth Ave., Stratham, NH

Lakes Region Disclosure Support Network will be presenting an overview of the UFO Disclosure Movement and what we all can do to help. A brief review of current events pertaining to the Secret Space Program and efforts to bring about the release of advanced technologies and energy systems will also be discussed, as well as what might be included in a partial disclosure narrative made to the public, how Disclosure might coincide with an announcement on Interplanetary Climate Change & a  Solar Flash Event, and what Extraterrestrial Races might be introduced to us. 

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Giant UFOs interacting with our SUN

This is Carolyn's presentation from the 2017 Exeter UFO festival.