About Us

End the Crazy Label

We at Lakes Region Disclosure Support Network are working to end the negative stigma associated with Ufology and all related topics.  Our society has been socially engineered to view anyone who openly discusses UFOs, Extraterrestrials, and Advanced Technologies as CRAZY or not in touch with reality.  

It started decades ago when our military and government were faced with the truth that we are not alone in the Universe and that non-terrestrial beings have been interacting with humans longer than recorded history. There are many reasons why it was kept secret in the beginning, but over the years our involvement with Extraterrestrial races and development of highly advanced technology has led to an entire breakaway civilization with colonies and industrial operations throughout our solar system! Unfortunately these technologies have not been shared here on Earth for the betterment of all mankind. We continue to pollute our planet and allow unhealthy industries to rule our lives. They are getting rich off of our consumption of goods and services and raping the planet. It is time for that to end!

The Secret Space Program and relations with Extraterrestrial races is the biggest and best kept secret ever to exist on this planet. The money spent on keeping it secret alone could rebuild our entire infrastructure and provide housing for every person on the planet. The hidden technologies could restore the environment and provide enough food and energy for every person on the planet. It is time for us to learn the truth and work to bring about Full Disclosure of the Secret Space Program!

The Lakes Region Disclosure Support Network has a mission to start by Ending the Crazy Label and facilitate open dialogue on all subjects related to Ufology. People need to be able to talk openly about these subjects without fear of ridicule, rejection or loss.

What is Disclosure?

Disclosure has been going on for decades. It comes in the form of leaked intelligence every year. Thousands of classified documents are released to the public after they are 25 years old. Additionally insiders from our military, space program, and intelligence agencies are permitted to give interviews and reports on their work periodically. The problem is that in all of these forms of Disclosure there is typically some disinformation included to hide some of the facts, or additional miscellaneous volumes of reports released to purposely slow down the full truth from being known.

What most people are looking for is FULL Disclosure which would be government and military officials conducting a public broadcast acknowledging that we have indeed been in contact and trading with Extraterrestrial Races who have shared advanced technology, and we have been traveling throughout our solar system and beyond with a secret space fleet for decades...

Most ufologists and truth seekers doubt FULL Disclosure will happen because if it did the government would have to explain how and why it has been kept secret for so long... And THAT is what they don't want to do. The public would demand accountability for all the suffering, death and lies imposed on us, as well as for all of OUR money spent on programs that have not been used to benefit humanity and the planet.

In our presentations on the Secret Space Program, we provide a document that was released by MJ-12 called a Framework for Public Acclimation. It outlines everything our government knows about Extraterrestrials and their involvement with the human race on our planet. We also discuss the technologies that have been developed from these interactions and those that have been kept secret.

If you can not attend one of our presentations and would like an electronic copy of the handouts we share, please submit an email address to us from this website and request them. We are happy to share with you!

About Us

The Lakes Region Disclosure Support Network (Network) was created by Carolyn Larocque in October 2016 as part of a Global Disclosure Initiative started by Dr. Steven Greer back in the 1990s. This initiative involves facilitating open dialogue about UFOs, Extraterrestrial Life, Space Travel, Advanced Technologies, and our Secret Space Program in order to encourage insiders with hands-on knowledge to come forward and help reveal the truth. 

Additionally, we as a civilization must begin openly discussing these topics and educating ourselves so we can realize the truth with positive intentions for the future. We can not allow socially engineered fears to limit us any longer.

There are grass roots organizations of intelligent and motivated people all over the world working to support this disclosure movement. Carolyn and many other New England residents are working to bring credible insider information to the public through group meetings and presentations and conferences. We also act to educate and share reputable resources, and help those who may be struggling with the truth or experiences by providing support groups and counseling.

The sharing of information and experiences is incredibly rewarding and comforting. Connecting with others and helping to break the old stereotypes associated with Ufology is empowering and will help us to move forward in our spiritual and technological development. Together we will open our eyes to our true possibilities and live the lives we were intended to live.

Please see our Resources & Network Page to access others in our northeast region.